The exterior of a car is delicate and if you don’t take care of it with soft hands (not literally), you may damage the paintwork. It’s not just about the cleaning but making your car look like it just came out of a showroom. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your car is looking great for years to come!    

Wash & Vacuum Your Car Regularly. Maintaining hygiene is a routine habit. If you’re one of those people that drive to work every day, washing your car weekly is crucial to get rid of the accumulated dust, mud, bugs, and dirt. A point to note is that you should strictly use cleaning formula designed to wash vehicles since some household liquid detergents and dish cleaners can do more harm than good on your car’s paint. 

Wax at Least Twice a Year. There is something about a waxed car that makes it very attractive. Maybe it brings back that aura or glow of a brand-new vehicle. Apart from making your car pretty and shiny, the car wax protects your vehicle from UV rays. Not to forget, those bugs will just slide off your paint. On average, you should wax your vehicle at least twice a year. 

Schedule Annual Professional Car Detailing. Professional detailing involves cleaning your car thoroughly both inside and out – every inch of your vehicle that can be cleaned or washed is covered. Sure, it is more costly than a typical car wash but it’s worth it.   

Keep Your Vehicle Under Cover. If it isn’t the direct sunlight that gets your car, it could be the storm, snow, or hail that damages your exterior if you don’t cover it. Beyond that, you also know what those birds drop from above. A car cover is an ideal method of shielding your car against such scenarios especially if you don’t park in a garage. 

Spot Check the Paint Frequency. It’s normal for car paint to fade after years of exposure to rain, sunlight, snow, dirt, and wind. Even oxygen plays a role in speeding up the paint deterioration process and there is nothing you can do about it. However, you can spot check the paint and schedule the car for a painting service before it gets too serious. Some common signs your car may require a basic paint job include discoloration, dark spots, peeling, dents, and scratches. 

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