It’s the one thing that most of us dread about owning a car. The weekly trip to the gas station! We’ve already discussed 5 Gas Savings Tips in a previous article (if you haven’t read that yet we suggest you do!). But we thought that this was a topic worth exploring even more! So here are 6 more gas savings tips that we hope you find useful in your journey around town or wherever your travels take you.   

  1. Drive Less: Seems simple right?! And it’s not so hard to do either. Combine your errands into one trip to avoid repeat drives into town. Consider walking instead of driving for nearby pick-ups or drag out that bicycle that’s gathering dust in the garage or shed. 
  2. Warm Up Your Car for Shorter Lengths of Time: If you wake up to a cold morning, don’t warm up the car for longer than 30 seconds (up to one minute if you must). If you idle the engine for more than a minute, you waste fuel and pump nasty greenhouse gas emissions into the air. Engines of modern cars do not require the extensive length of time that older models needed to warm up. 
  3. Buy Gas Early or Late in the Day: Purchase gas early or late in the day, especially during warm months. Gas is cooler earlier in the day, and denser. As temperatures rise, gas density falls, and you get less of it when you pump. Also, buy gas early in the week. Prices typically rise between Wednesday and Saturday but stay lower during the early days of the week. 
  4. Turn Off the Engine: If you’re waiting outside for your spouse to finish getting ready for your night out, or you’re waiting at a railroad crossing for the train to cross, turn off the engine. Idling is a major waste of gasoline and contributes massive amounts of pollutants to the atmosphere. 
  5. Avoid Gas Stations Near the Highway: The first gas station that you encounter after a long stretch of highway will usually be pricey. If possible, plan ahead or drive a little farther toward the nearest town to find a cheaper station. 
  6. Don’t Wait Until Your Tank Is Almost Empty to Fill Up: If you wait until your tank is almost empty, you may be stuck paying for whatever gas you find conveniently located nearby, as you won’t be able to search for the best deal. 
We hope that you find these gas saving tips useful! As always … safe journeys on your trips around town or that family vacation that you may be planning.   

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