Lots of things belong in vending machines. Candy bars, soda, and maybe even sandwiches. But cars? We aren’t so sure. In “Should You Buy a Car from a Vending Machine Part 1” we discussed the difference in pricing between vehicles for sale at Big City Cars and www.carvana.com. (If you haven’t read that article yet, we suggest you do).   

In this article, we are going to discuss some other factors to consider when purchasing a vehicle out of a vending machine. This information is straight off www.carvana.com and not our opinion. As Sargent Joe Friday in the TV show Dragnet said, “Just the facts, ma’am.” 

Purchasing a car from Carvana.  Carvana offers a website for vehicle shopping (and that is the ONLY way to shop). You can browse their entire vehicle inventory (the same that you can do for any car dealer here in the Fort Wayne market). But what got our attention was Carvana’s 100 day / 4,189 “Worry Free Guarantee.” This is a limited warranty that Carvana offers on their vehicles that expires whichever comes first (days or miles). This limited warranty covers Basic & Powertrain components (and has a co-pay to open a warranty claim). Carvana uses SilverRock for their warranty work. A quick search on the Carvana website showed no authorized service provider within a 100-mile radius of Fort Wayne. You can do the search yourself at www.yourvehiclecarcare.com. At Big City Cars, we stand behind our vehicles. If an issue comes up with one of our vehicles after purchase, we will of course investigate the issue and make any necessary repairs (within a reasonable time frame). We also offer extended warranty protection on every vehicle that we sell. Because of course, mechanical things like cars, sometimes need repairs. We think that you should always be protected.   

Next, we looked at Carvana’s “7-Day Money Back Guarantee."  Basically, if you don’t like the car that you purchased sight unseen, you can return it (with a maximum of 2 returns). From the Carvana website, it appears that you are stuck with the 3rd vehicle that is delivered to you, again, sight unseen. And delivery fees are NOT refundable. While Big City Cars does not offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee, we are confident that you will LOVE the vehicle that your purchased. Why? Because you went on a test drive and had any questions answered by one of our team members. Seems simple, right?  

Financing from Carvana.  After the test drive and deciding on which vehicle that you would like to purchase, financing is always the next step in the car buying process. We looked at how Carvana does financing. And it opened our eyes a bit. We are sure that you will feel the same. When you finance thru Caravana, your terms are non-negotiable and determined by your credit history, individual income, and terms will vary based on the car you are deciding to purchase. Down payments are also, and always, required and are non-negotiable. Finally, your first payment is due 28-30 days after purchase. A lot of this doesn’t seem right to us. At Big City Cars, your finance rates are determined by your credit history and income level. That’s it. We work with over 30 different banks & lenders and can get 99% of our customers approved for an auto loan. Also, at Big City Cars you can purchase a vehicle from us with little to NO MONEY DOWN. Finally, we offer credit terms that can extend your first payment on your vehicle in most cases to 90 days, and sometimes up to one full year. 

Next week in “Should you buy a car from a vending machine” part 3 we will finalize our discussion of Car Vending Machines and look at trade-ins, out of area delivery, negotiating your best car price, and referrals.   

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